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hch-healthy-eatingHealthy Eating is about much more than losing weight.  It can help you:

  •         Meet your personal wellness goals
  •         Have more energy
  •         Lower your cholesterol
  •         Lower your blood pressure
  •         Manage your diabetes
  •         Save money as you may no longer need  certain medications
  •         Even help you gain weight if you have no appetite

Our Healthy Eating  Every Day (HEED) classes are designed for anyone who wants to make lifestyle changes to their eating habits. The class gives you the tools and support you need to make these changes and actually learn how to make them permanent.hch-healthy-eating

Healthy Eating Every Day (HEED) is a behavior change program by Human Kinetics and The Cooper Institute that helps people improve their quality of life through better eating. This evidence-based course is built on the curriculum tested in The Cooper Institute’s Lifestyle Nutrition Study.

Healthy Eating Every Day differs from other nutrition education programs because it does the following:

Focuses on the underlying causes of unhealthy eating. Participants focus on learning and practicing behavior change skills, such as goal setting, self-monitoring, social support, and relapse prevention, which support healthy eating habits.

Allows participants to customize the program to their needs. Participants choose which healthy eating goal or goals they want to address. They learn to apply HEED’s behavior change skills to the particular aspects of their diets that they need to change.

Enroll Today For Only $30. The cost is $30 for the 14-week class which includes one-on-one health coaching opportunities, a support group and the ability to retake the course as often you like. Members pay at the first class by either check or cash. You can enroll by calling Joy Joy Hinshaw at 599.3576.

Meet Your Facilitator Joy Hinshaw 

hinshaw_joyShe lost 63 pounds and no longer needs her blood pressure medication

Joy actively practices the principles of the Healthy Eating Every Day program. Before she completed her facilitator training she weighed 210 pounds with high blood pressure controlled with medication. She decided if she was going to teach this class she had to be able demonstrate that it works. So, January 1, 2015 she began working the program session by session, practicing its principles with her main focus on controlling her blood pressure without the need of medication.  She set goals, identified her triggers and barriers and worked through this all using the problem-solving skills the Healthy Eating program teaches. Now, two years since beginning her journey of lifestyle changes she no longer need s medication for my blood pressure and has lost 63 lbs!