Safe Solutions Home Monitoring is an emergency response system program provided through Henry Community Health. An emergency response system in your home means we are there to help with just the touch of a button. Peace of mind, security and confidence to continue with daily activities and maintain your independence, can be yours with our affordable and easy to use personal emergency response system.  Have access to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Safe Solutions Home Monitoring can provide services via a land line, in home wireless (cell) or GPS unit. Cost for services can range from $25 to $45.

Why Safe Solutions at Henry Community Health?

  • No long term agreements
  • No equipment to purchase
  • Friendly local staff
  • No hidden charges

Other equipment is available to make sure you or your loved one have access to assistance when needed. These include alternative trigger buttons such as fall detection buttons, pillow pad or sip and puff for those who may not be able to press a button. Medication dispensers for those who need assistance with medication administration are also a service we offer.

For further information or to set up service please contact Julia Anderson, Program Director for Safe Solutions Home Monitoring at 765.593.2408 or

Lock Boxes

A key lock box is a little safe that can hold a key to your home with a combination needed to open. This can be mounted beside you door or lock around the door handle. A key just hidden outside the home lets ANYONE who finds that key open the door. A key lock box can provide security and safety for you and your home. This combination can be given to family, friends or neighbors for them to have access to a key, if they need to get in rather than having numerous copies out there. The combination can also be given to emergency responders to gain entrance to the home quickly and reduces the likelihood of damage to the property such as breaking down a door or breaking a window.

These lock boxes can be found in most hardware stores like Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace. They also can be ordered online at sites like Walmart, Amazon and E-bay.  Cost of a lock box vary from $10 to $50. The average cost is around $30. In the New Castle area, Ace Hardware, carries three types to secure your key.

Just keep in mind it is cheaper to invest in a key lock box than to replace or repair a door or window. And there is no price to feeling secure in your home. For more information call 765.593.2408.