If you’re navigating the complicated world of shoulder surgery, you may be struggling to understand the risks and rewards and where to go for the best experience. A shoulder replacement, also known as total shoulder arthroplasty, is a huge undertaking at any age and at any level of health. That’s why you deserve to be well-informed about the most advanced surgical options available so you can maximize your results. Start by learning about the incredible benefits of the Exactech GPS Shoulder, now available at Henry Community Health. 

Precise Shoulder Surgery Outcomes From Exactech at HCH

Considering Surgery

Before you consider shoulder surgery, you should make sure you’ve consulted with an orthopedic specialist, like Dr. Damion Harris, who has thorough experience with this procedure. It requires plenty of preparation beforehand to reduce risks and increase positive outcomes. Common steps to prepare for shoulder surgery include: 

  • Discussions about your symptoms and current medical conditions
  • Discussions about your current mobility or lack thereof
  • A physical examination to assess your shoulder’s current state
  • CT scans, X-rays, or other recommended diagnostic imaging or tests

Before Surgery

After your initial diagnosis and discussion with your orthopedic provider, they will be able to make a recommendation about what procedure is right for you. Each type of shoulder replacement surgery has its nuances and will be chosen according to your needs. The list of procedure options includes: 

  • Partial shoulder replacement
  • Reverse total shoulder replacement 
  • Anatomic total shoulder replacement

Your provider will take time to explain which type of replacement is best for you, the preparations to take, and what they will do during the surgery itself. 

Surgery with the Exactech GPS Shoulder

You have decided that surgery is right for you. However, the decision-making process isn’t over yet. You’ll need to think through what approach will maximize your results and minimize the risk of prolonged healing time or complications. One way to ensure you have the best options at your disposal is to do some simple research. Start by asking your provider about the medical technologies available at their practice. If you come to, Henry County Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, our orthopedic team is certified in multiple advanced techniques that include the Exactech GPS Shoulder. 

The Exactech GPS Shoulder is an incredible system that gives your provider access to incredibly detailed information about your shoulder both before and during your surgery. First, they can use it to see into the anatomy of your shoulder and craft a precise plan for your procedure. Then, they’ll be able to consider the placement of any necessary components involved in your surgery, which means they can more accurately anticipate the more delicate moments of the process. During the actual procedure, the Exactech technology will show your provider what is happening in real-time and provide instrument guidance. This is why the technology is described as GPS. It provides ultra-precise directions for your surgeon so that any implant is placed as correctly as possible. 

Benefits of the Exactech GPS Shoulder

If you’re unsure of the technology, then you can also take a look at some of the outcomes collected during various studies of Exactech’s creation:

  • Multiple studies found that accuracy was improved
  • Multiple studies found that the fixation of implants was improved
  • Results showed that implants were placed within 2 degrees and 2 millimeters of the original plan
  • Patient outcomes improved, including better range of motion, less need for any revision, and fewer complications post-surgery

Next Steps for Shoulder Surgery

If you know shoulder surgery is right for you and are wondering if Exactech’s GPS Shoulder can help, get connected with the orthopedic services at Henry County Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine.  We have state-of-the-art facilities at Henry Community Health. Dr. Damion Harris is experienced with and certified to use the Exactech GPS Shoulder.

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