Has your fitness hit a bit of a slump? Or are you unsure of how to regain your previous strength after an illness, injury, or surgery? Do you need a goal to work towards to kickstart your fitness journey? You’re not alone! Luckily, Henry Community Health can provide you with some great ways to get moving again. This year, Henry Community Health is sponsoring the upcoming New Castle Mini Marathon, and the classes at HealthRidge Wellness are a great way to get your body ready to run or walk your way through downtown New Castle. Read on to learn more about the importance of physical activity, health classes at HealthRidge Wellness, and details about registering for the New Castle Mini Marathon. 

Why Physical Fitness Is Important

In case you need some motivation to get moving, here are some compelling reasons to be physically active from the World Health Organization

  • Health benefits for your heart, body, and mind
  • Naturally and effectively helps you to manage diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer
  • Reduces your symptoms brought on by anxiety and depression
  • Positive impacts on growth and development for youth
  • Your thinking, learning, and judgment improve

Your physical health is connected to your overall well-being, so taking care of your fitness is one of the best ways to give your health a boost. Plus, there has been an increase in demand for accessible fitness options for multiple ability levels which means it’s more common than ever to find classes that are or can be adapted to your needs.

Why Choose a Community Gym Like HealthRidge

HealthRidge Wellness is a community gym designed to benefit residents of Henry County, and the surrounding areas. There are many perks to working out in a community gym, especially one affiliated with a local health system like Henry Community Health. 

The most obvious reason to choose a community gym is that you’ll be meeting and interacting with other individuals of similar fitness levels who also live in your area. That creates a prime environment for forming new bonds with people. 

According to the American Psychological Association, “Getting dressed and driving to the gym first thing in the morning may not be so fun in the moment, but prioritizing self-care practices like exercise can result in a cascade effect of other healthy habits, like eating nutritiously, socializing with others and getting a good night’s sleep — all of which can improve depression symptoms.” 

You may also already know someone in the community who would be willing to join you for a health class. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer 3 reasons for working out with a buddy, one of which is that you’ll be more consistent. 

Suppose you’re not there for socialization but still want to get active. In that case, community gyms affiliated with healthcare systems have the added benefit of onsite experts who can either make adaptations for your specific needs or recommend complementary rehabilitation or physical therapy services.

Health Classes to Try at HealthRidge Wellness

If you’re now convinced that it’s time to rethink your fitness and check out HealthRidge, here are a few of the many classes that may interest you. 

For Beginners

  • Gentle Flow: water-based and zero-weight bearing
  • Water Walking: perfect for someone who has recently finished rehabilitation
  • Gentle Strength: works on the whole body and is specially designed to gently increase in intensity, good for beginners or intermediate participants

For Advanced Workouts

  • Body Toning: this class is adaptable for beginners or more advanced participants, engages the whole body
  • Water Aerobics: gets your whole body moving and heart pumping in a low-impact pool setting
  • HealthRidge Walking Club: walk around New Castle on hard surfaces at a moderate pace (ideal for getting you ready for the New Castle Mini Marathon!)

Visit the HealthRidge Wellness page for more information, schedules, how to get in touch, and to read about prescription-based classes that are also available. 

Need a Fitness Goal to Work Toward? –  New Castle Mini Marathon Might Be It

One of the best strategies for maintaining a fitness program is to have a clear and attainable goal in mind. What better way to motivate yourself than with a local mini marathon? The New Castle Mini Marathon is coming soon and offers different race styles to suit many ages and ability levels. Here are some of the most important details: 


September 16, 2023

Race Route:

All races are on a paved road or trail and take you around beautiful downtown New Castle locations. 


  • Half Marathon (run or walk)
  • 10K (run or walk)
  • 5K (run or walk, suitable for ages 6 and up)
  • Half Mile Fun Run/Walk (great for any age or ability level)


To register, simply click on the link below and fill in the appropriate information:

New Castle Mini Marathon Registration Information
Henry Community Health is dedicated to serving our community and promoting fitness for all ages and abilities. If you’re looking to get connected with us or simply to learn more about our many healthcare services, you can always contact us or call 765-521-0890.