Henry Community Health has a strong commitment to serving patients in our area. It’s even part of our name, “community.” In order to make sure that commitment stays at the forefront of our efforts, we have formed the HCH Partners Council. This group is an example of a PFAC. If you’re unfamiliar with PFACs, read on and learn more about their importance and how you can become part of this impactful partnership. 

What Is a PFAC?

PFAC stands for “patient and family advisory council.” A patient and family advisory council is a critical component of a hospital or healthcare network’s success. It is exactly what it sounds like: a collaborative organization that includes patients and their families and/or caregivers working together with healthcare staff. 

What Is the Role of the PFAC at HCH?

A patient and family advisory council provides essential support to a hospital or healthcare organization. The council’s goal is to work with and talk to stakeholders from Henry Community Health. Discussions may include patient experience, program development, or simply sharing perspectives on what it’s like to interact with the physicians and other providers at the hospital or any of our outpatient offices. 

Why Are PFACs Important to HCH?

With help from a PFAC, Henry Community Health can gain valuable insight into what practices and procedures provide the most positive outcomes for our patients and their families/ caregivers. It also creates a level of accountability for HCH. The PFAC can help mold the culture of HCH and also create a stronger bridge between us and our community. Over time, the PFAC can have a drastic impact on patient outcomes, quality of experience, and safety. It all centers on honest, open communication.

Who Can Join the HCH Partners Council?

To join the HCH Partners Council and make your voice heard, you must be over age 18 and also:

  • A current patient
  • The family member of a current patient
  • The caregiver of a current patient

This ensures that anything shared is timely, relevant, and accurately reflects the experiences of everyone at Henry Community Health. 

How Big Is the Time Commitment for the HCH Partners Council?

When you join the HCH Partners Council, you can expect to meet once a quarter. That’s it! That means with just 4 meetings a year, you can be part of affecting change at Henry Community Health. A small commitment can make a massive difference. 

How Can I Join the HCH Partners Council?

You can easily join the HCH Partners Council by contacting Sara Malott, our Service Excellence Coordinator!

Henry Community Health is looking to the future, and the HCH Partners Council will play a huge role in forming that future. If you have any additional questions about HCH or how you can get involved, don’t hesitate to visit our Partners Council page, contact us, or call our main phone line at 765-521-0890.