April 8th is quickly approaching!! As the excitement for the eclipse begins to build, here are some tips to keep you safe: 

1. Wear ISO-Approved Eyewear 

Wear ISO-approved eyewear to view the eclipse safely. Without the proper eyewear, you risk an eye injury. 

2. Plan For Traffic 

Henry County is expected to see an increase in traffic starting April 6th through April 8th. It will be crucial to plan when traveling to any scheduled appointments. Be sure to leave early and fill up on gas to accommodate the potential wait times. 

3. Eye Injury Symptoms Will Not Be Immediate 

Eye injuries can be caused by looking up at the eclipse without proper eye protection. Symptoms will often not present themselves for 4-12 hours after the injury has taken place. If you believe you have an eye injury following the eclipse, please contact your ophthalmologist. 

Henry Community Health will have modified business hours on April 8th. Below is a list of our office hours. If you have any questions regarding these hours or your appointment, please contact the office. 

APRIL 8, 2024, HCH Hours

  • HCH Emergency Room – open 24/7
  • Henry Community Health Immediate Care – Open 8a-7pm 
  • Pediatrics at New Castle Family and & Internal Medicine -Open 8am-7pm 
  • Cambridge City Family Health Partners – closing at 12pm 
  • Middletown Family Health Partners – closing at 12pm 
  • New Castle Family & Internal Medicine-Forest Ridge – closing at 12pm 
  • New Castle Family & Internal Medicine-Northfield Park – closing at 12pm 
  • Henry County Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine – closing at 12pm 
  • HCH Interventional Spine & Pain – closing at 12pm 
  • HCH OB/GYN – closing at 12pm 
  • HCH Surgical Specialist – closing at 12pm 
  • Healthlink Employer Clinic – closing at 12pm 
  • Draper Employer Clinic – closing at 12pm 
  • HCH Rehab Services – closing at 1pm 
  • HCH Wound Care – closing at 1pm 
  • HCH Cardiopulmonary Rehab – closing at 1pm 
  • HCH Home Care & Hospice – closing at 1pm 
  • Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent – New Castle Heart Care – closing at 3pm