Cardiac Program

Our skilled nursing and therapy staff serve you with a range of care services, including IV infusions and home therapy, and caring for you after a heart attack or cardiac surgery.

Cardiac Teaching and Assistance

Our skilled nursing staff provides teaching on cardiac medication, diet and lifestyle.

COPD and Congestive Heart Failure Program

We have a multi-disciplinary team approach that provides a comprehensive care program that includes medication and lifestyle teaching and monitoring.

Dietetic Services

Nurses monitor diet and address special dietary needs to improve outcomes for cardiac, diabetic and wound patients.

Diabetes Teaching and Assistance

Our staff provides teaching on medication, diet and lifestyle, as well as diabetic monitoring.

Infusion Therapy

Our skilled nursing staff assists with pain management, fluid replacement, nutrition and administering antibiotics.

Orthopedic Program

Our nurses and therapists provide close coordination with your orthopedic surgeon and follow standard routine orders, which include a physical therapy evaluation within 24-48 hours of discharge from the hospital.

Wound Care Services

Our nurses are specially trained in wound care and provide advanced methods for the treatment and healing of wounds. Our nurses are trained in using the V.A.C.* Therapy – an advanced system for wound healing. We also provide coordination of care with Henry County Hospital’s Advanced Wound Center and your physician.

*V.A.C. Therapy is a registered trademark of KCI Licensing, Inc. The V.A.C. System is subject to patents and pending patents. COAGUCHECK XS is a trademark of a Member of the Roche Group.