Knee Surgery Options to Help You Regain Your Active Lifestyle

There is no need to stop doing what you like because of knee pain.

Patients come to our practice from Indianapolis, Richmond, Muncie and many other Indiana cities for our expertise in knee surgery and because they want to be able to ride a bike again, or go shopping, run in a mini-marathon or just walk free from pain.

We also have patients from throughout the U.S. including Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Florida and Colorado who have learned of our excellent results and our surgeons’ reputations.

Being “Too Young” Or “Too Old” For Knee Surgery May Not Be True Anymore

Some of the new techniques we use for knee replacement surgery also allow us to operate on patients at both a younger and older age than what once was considered normal allowing advanced treatment for larger population. Our knee replacement patients typically range in age from 40 to 90.

If you are not yet ready for knee surgery we also provide nonsurgical interventions including exercise, physical therapy, injections and medication.

Our surgery is done at Henry Community Health’s Main Campus and patients needing an overnight stay are admitted to the Hospital’s Joint Replacement Center that provides specialized care for our patients after orthopedic surgery.

Staff is specifically trained to work with joint replacement patients and treat you like family. We also focus on more than your medical care. Your room has a cozy home-like atmosphere with warm, soothing colors and the richness of oak furnishings. Wireless web access is available in your room and throughout the Hospital.

We can help you:

  • Relieve pain
  • Improve joint stability
  • Improve alignment and correct bone deformity
  • Maximize quality of life
  • Optimize activities of daily living

Depending on our patient’s health condition and needs we offer a variety of services for knee problems including:

Knee Joint Replacement

Early intervention for patients with knee arthritis that doesn’t affect the entire knee.Unicompartmental arthoplasty replaces one compartment of the knee, preserves the other two and still saves the cruciate ligaments.

Total Knee Replacement

The right option when all three compartments of the knee joint need replacing