How Do I Prepare For A Colonoscopy And Will I Need To Miss Work?

In order for a colonoscopy to be a good test, the colon must be clear of most, if not all stool. The day before a colonoscopy, you must drink clear liquids and take a bowel preparation in order to clean out your colon. Our office will provide you with specific instructions on how to prepare for your colonoscopy.

You also will receive information on how to view two interactive Emmi programs which provide information about your colonoscopy and anesthesia. Please watch these free, animated online programs that walk you through important information you should know before your colonoscopy.

Most people can work part of, if not all of their normal work day and still have time to prepare for their colonoscopy. You will need to take off the day of your colonoscopy due to the sedation given during the procedure and have a relative or friend drive you to and from the Same Day Surgery Center at Henry Community Health’s Main Campus. The following day the patient may return to their normal activities.