The State requires that you take your baby home in a newborn car seat that complies with federal standards and the Indiana Child Restraint Guidelines.  Current guidelines advise against the use of a used car seat unless the history of the seat is known.

If you aren’t sure if your car seat, seat belts or car complies with current standards, the Interlocal Community Action Program (ICAP) provides a Certified Car Seat Technician. Call 765.529.4403 for more information.

You can bring the newborn car seat with you to the hospital, but leave it in the car until the day of discharge.

Newborns should ride in the back seat, facing the rear window of the car. If your baby is born early or weighs less than about 5 pounds you will need a car seat specifically designed for babies less than 5 pounds. Sign up for Early Prenatal Class to learn more about choosing a proper car seat.