Your Birthing Suite

Our spacious private Birthing Suites were designed with comfort in mind. The beautiful earth tones and serene garden motifs promote a calming, soothing environment. Each suite includes amenities such as a flat screen wall-mounted TV, DVD player, internet access and an in-room mini refrigerator. Beautiful cabinetry keeps state-of-the-art technology and medical equipment out of site during your laboring experience, but close at hand for delivery.

Your private bathroom with a seated shower gives an opportunity to shower soon after your baby is born. To allow you to share every minute of this extraordinary life event with a special support person, each Birthing Suite has a comfortable sleeper sofa for your support person to rest.

Your Delivery

When your labor begins, contact your physician who will let you now when to come to the Hospital. Remember that some of your laboring process can be experienced in the comfort of your own home. When you arrive, tell the Information Desk personnel you want to go to the BirthCare Center and they will help you from there. The BirthCare Center is located in the Women & Children’s Unit on the first floor of the Hospital.

When you arrive, your nurse will settle you in your Birthing Suite and begin monitoring your blood pressure, pulse and temperature. A fetal monitor checks your baby’s heart rate during labor.

During your birthing experience we encourage your family and friends to be with you. We also recommend that you carefully choose who you want to be with you in your room during this exciting time. Other family and friends can be nearby in our spacious and comfortable waiting area.

After delivery you and your baby stay in your Birthing Suite for the initial recovery process. During this time you and your family can begin to get to know your precious new arrival. Moms who choose to breastfeed are encouraged to do so, as studies show breastfeeding is more successful if initiated within the first hour after birth. Our specially-trained nurses and lactation counselors are happy to help you learn to nurse your baby. Bottle feeding may be initiated if preferred, and the nurses will help you with this as well.