Has your orthopedic provider mentioned that it may be time to consider a knee replacement? Are you concerned about your recovery and how you will regain your quality of life quickly after surgery? You may find the answers you need in Persona IQ®, The Smart Knee®. This incredible technology links your knee replacement to an app that collects data essential to your ongoing orthopedic care and can help you optimize your results post-surgery. 

Personalized Modern Healthcare Technology

If your orthopedic surgeon recommends Persona IQ®, The Smart Knee®, then you will enjoy a wide range of benefits, from upgraded implants to instantaneous data tracking.

Your experience will start with the selection of an implant that is ideally suited for your knee’s anatomy. The implant will be accompanied by a small “smart” stem extension that includes a sensor to collect data. The sensor will communicate with a Home Base Station. The Home Base Station will then share that information with the mymobility® app. Your post-surgery data is then visible to you, your surgeon, and your healthcare team.

What kinds of data are collected?

The sensor connects to a convenient app called mymobility®. All data collected is securely stored in the app and an online portal that is accessible to you, your surgeon, and your healthcare team. The app will collect data related to your:

  • Knee’s range of motion
  • Step count
  • Stride length
  • Walking distance
  • Walking speed
  • Walking cadence

The app does NOT collect data on your location. You can opt out of sharing your data at any time by asking your doctor for information on completing the process.

How will my data be used for my care?

Your data will be used strictly for optimizing your recovery and ongoing success both pre- and post-surgery. The mymobility® app will provide:

  • Resources about your procedure so you can understand the process thoroughly
  • Strategies for maximizing your health before surgery
  • Information about the day of surgery
  • Data that your providers can use to track your activity levels and progress that can be used to further customize your treatment plan
  • Guidance on what to do after surgery to minimize complications
  • Targeted tips on ways to work on regaining your mobility

How do I get started?

If you want to know if Persona IQ®, The Smart Knee® is right for you, then speak directly to your Henry Community Health orthopedic provider or contact the Henry County Center for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine at 765-521-7385.