While it may seem like a minor cut or a urinary tract infection that will go away, untreated both could lead to sepsis a dangerous infection that is potentially life-threatening.

Any type of infection, anywhere in the body, can cause sepsis. This can include seemingly minor infections on the skin, urinary tract infections, pneumonia or appendicitis.

Sepsis can affect any person of any age, from any type of infection, no matter how minor. It is the body’s overwhelming response to an infection that can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and even death.

The blister on your foot that becomes infected or the cut that isn’t treated properly can lead to sepsis and serious health problems which require immediate attention.

Symptoms and Signs of Sepsis-Seek Immediate Medical Attention

There is no single sign or symptom of sepsis. Because sepsis stems from infection, symptoms can include common infection signs including diarrhea, vomiting and sore throat. Additionally, symptoms can include any of the following:

Shivering, fever, very cold
Extreme pain or feeling worse than ever
Pale or discolored skin
Sleepy, difficult to wake up, confused
I feel like I might die
Short of breath

Do You Have a Wound That Isn’t Healing

Sepsis isn’t the only problem that can occur with wounds that don’t heal. Wounds that don’t heal can lead to serious infections and in extreme cases amputations and even death. Our Advanced Wound Center team provides expert, outpatient care for difficult wounds including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which promotes wound healing. For more information call 521-1202.

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