There can be no doubt that it takes a special person to become a nurse. First, you have to go through a rigorous educational process that includes clinicals and other training. Then, if you choose to specialize in a particular area, you have to earn those certifications as well. And, of course, nursing can require grueling hours. Those hours often demand incredible mental and emotional stamina. Yet there are still nurses who spend their days giving back to patients anyway. But why? Why be a nurse? Hear from some of the nursing staff at Henry Community Health as they share what they love about being a nurse and why they choose to work at HCH. 

What is rewarding about being a nurse? 

Nursing is a unique calling, and as with any career choice, it will come with difficulties but also unique rewards. We spoke to some of our own nurses around HCH, and they all echo the same idea: the best part is that you make a difference on a daily basis. Samantha Lowhorn, a nursing supervisor, sums it up by saying, “The most important part of my job is simple for me. It’s just caring for the patients and feeling like you make a difference at the end of the day to them.” The nurse-patient relationship is also at the heart of what Travis Peterson, a nursing house supervisor, shared. “When a patient returns or comes back again and they recall a previous visit and they smile and thank me for something I did before, that’s super rewarding.” 

How do you handle the hard days? 

The medical profession is intent on providing hope and healing, but there are days when that’s not possible or something else goes wrong. As a nurse, you can often be right in the midst of all that heartache and difficulty. Dalton Engle, a registered nurse in the emergency department, says, “What gets me through those tough days are my coworkers, especially the more experienced nurses,” and adds, “They help us through all those tough times and give us wisdom on how to handle certain situations.” This has been especially meaningful to him during his first year as a nurse. Samantha Lowhorn shares similar experiences, noting that “As a nurse, it’s not always fun, but at the end of the day I think having a good support system and team surrounding you and that you feel you can lean on those hard days, I think our community here and our team does make it fun.” The right setting can give you what you need to make it through even the worst scenario. 

How has HCH supported you in your nursing career? 

Both Samantha and Travis receive not only ongoing support from team members on a daily basis but also took advantage of the scholarships available to HCH nurses. Samantha earned her RN through the program, and Travis added a bachelor’s degree to his associate’s degree. For Dalton, the support comes in the form of other team members who have been nursing longer. “I feel like there’s a stigma in nursing that they say the more experienced nurses treat new grads poorly. That’s not the case here at Henry Community Health. They’re always really receptive of the new grads.” Samantha also felt the difference from day one. “When I started here, I really liked the small feel of the community and family that I feel like we give off.”

Why would someone choose to be a nurse at HCH?

Henry Community Health is a health organization intent on serving patients who live nearby or in surrounding areas. That is a huge part of why every nurse we spoke to chooses to work at HCH. Travis, for example, actually makes the commute from Muncie to the HCH campus in New Castle because “HCH has always made me feel valued. I feel like when I come here, I’m making a tangible difference and that my contributions matter.” Dalton reflected that his clinicals and nursing school experiences took place at a hospital in a big city, but he knew that a community hospital was the right fit for him. “Here it’s more of a family atmosphere than just an ‘in and out’ workday.” Samantha’s description focuses on the family atmosphere and how “we all care for each other, we all work together well, and we’re here for each other.”

How can I find available nursing jobs at HCH? 

You can easily find information about open HCH nursing jobs on our convenient ICIMS portal. Use simple filters and search terms to find what you’re looking for. To learn more about working at HCH overall, including retention bonuses and referral bonuses, you can visit our Careers page.

If you want to learn more about patient services or about Henry Community Health in general, contact us. We are always here for you: 765-521-0890.