Dear Community Members:

Healthcare workers across Indiana and the nation are experiencing growing acts of violence while caring for patients. Henry Community Health in partnership with the Indiana Hospital Association is launching an awareness campaign called Safe and Sound. Through this campaign, we are emphasizing the importance of the health and safety of our workforce, while working to address and reduce violence against our most valuable asset- our healthcare team.

When you visit our facilities you will notice workplace safety signage through all our campuses. You will notice posts on social media communicating our anti-violence policy. In addition, you will soon see informational pop-up banners in our hospital geared toward patients, families, and visitors to reinforce our commitment to keeping all those within our care safe.

Henry Community Health will continue to promote workplace safety throughout the year and beyond. We are committed to protecting our team members from physical violence or verbal abuse that may be encountered on the job. We are equally committed to the safety of our patients and their families and will take necessary action to keep Safety as our #1 priority.

Please know that we are laser-focused on ensuring the physical and psychological safety of staff, volunteers, and patients. We will continue to strive to deliver the highest quality of care to everyone who walks through our doors.

Thank you for entrusting your care to Henry Community Health.

Brian Ring, President & CEO