5 Important Things to Know About Mammograms

  1. They can save your life. Finding breast cancer early reduces your risk of dying from the disease by 25-30% or more.
  2. Don’t be afraid. It is a fast, safe procedure and discomfort is minimal for most women.
  3. Get the best quality you can. Go to an accredited facility with digital mammography and CAD (computer-aided detection) – like Henry County Hospital’s Imaging Center.
  4. Mammography is our most powerful breast cancer detection tool. But they still can miss 20% of breast cancers. Be sure to do monthly breast self-exams and get an annual clinical breast exam.
  5. An unusual result requiring further testing does not always mean you have breast cancer. American Cancer Society statistics show about 10% of women will require additional tests. And, of that 10% only 8-10% will need a biopsy with 80% of the biopsies turning out not to be cancer. It’s normal to worry if you get called back for more testing, but try not to assume the worst until you have additional information.