Health Insurance Marketplace (Obamacare) Enrollment November 1-December 15

Do you have phone insurance? What about car insurance? Then why not health insurance?  Even if you’re healthy now, you never know when an illness or injury could happen.

The Health Insurance Marketplace (Obamacare) open enrollment is November 1-December 15, 2017 for new and returning enrollees.  You can compare 2018 health plans and prices to your current coverage, update your application with any household or income changes and enroll in a plan.

Free local help for enrollment is available through ClaimAid at Henry Community Health at 599.3146 or 599.3179 and Interlocal CAP at 529.4403. They also can assist with enrollment for Medicaid, the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) and the Children’s Health Plan (CHIP).

Financial Assistance Available

Financial help is available for most marketplace consumers based on family size and income. Nearly 85 percent of marketplace enrollees are eligible for tax credits to lower their premiums, and 57 percent get additional help to reduce co-pays and deductibles.

Henry Community Health and members of Henry Community Health Medical Group are participating in MHS and CareSource plans.  These plans offer benefits such as coverage for doctor visits, hospital stays, free preventive health services and coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Additional information  and the ability to enroll are also available at