Interlocal Community Action Program Women’s Clinic Awarded $14,000 From Henry County Hospital Foundation

A $14,000 grant has been given to the ICAP Women’s Clinic by the Henry County Hospital Foundation to help further their mission to care for uninsured and underinsured women in Henry County.

“The Women’s Clinic plays an important role in our community as a safety net for women who often forego their own care due to lack of insurance or extremely high deductibles if they are insured,” said Paul Janssen, President of the Henry County Hospital Foundation and Chief Executive Officer of Henry Community Health.

According to Nancy Lewis, RN, Women’s Clinic Director, “the biggest challenge is being under-insured. With tight budgets and limited options, many women neglect their own care, as their attention is focused, instead, on getting proper medical care for their families. With this situation, many women haven’t seen a primary care physician in years.”

“This money will allow us to continue to offer these vital services to those in our community that are in greatest need as well as a hand up to those that may have fallen on difficult times,” Lewis explains.  “We can continue to be a stepping stone for the uninsured to transition to insurance and a primary care provider for better health care in the future,” she continued.

At the Women’s Clinic nurse practitioners provide a variety of confidential exams for women 16 and older. They offer pap smears with cervical cancer screening and clinical breast exams. Free mammograms for women over 40 are conducted at Henry Community Health as part of the ICAP/HCH Mammogram Assistance Program.

Free pregnancy tests, a free prenatal vitamin program and low cost birth control also are offered. Referrals to area physicians and assistance in enrolling in HIP 2.0, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) also are provided.

Appointments may be made Monday-Thursday from 8:30 am-4:30 pm by calling 765.529.4403 and asking for Nancy.  There is a $10 fee for Clinic visits with the Nurse Practitioner and a low-cost fee for birth control at this time. There is no charge for breast health services such as exams or mammography, pregnancy tests and prenatal vitamins.

“While many women come for routine care, it isn’t unusual to uncover more serious problems such as breast or other cancers,” explains Lewis. “When we find these serious problems we work closely with the women to find them the follow-up care they need and ways to help pay for the cost,” she continues.

Free Community Screenings

Two evenings each year, in collaboration with Henry Community Health and IU Health Ball Cancer Center at Forest Ridge, the Women’s Clinic offers a breast and cervical cancer screening clinic.  While most women walk away reassured their exams showed no problems, serious health issues such as ovarian cancer and STD’s have been detected.

Helping To Combat STD Epidemic

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are on the rise throughout the U.S. and Henry County is no exception. The Women’s Clinic provides confidential exams and treatment for both men and women. In fact, Lewis shares that the most effective treatment, aside from education, is to address couples and partners in order to treat the STD at the source. Lewis feels that knowing the Women’s Clinic offers confidential care, free of judgment, encourages community residents to seek treatment.

The Women’s Clinic and its programs are funded by grants and charitable contributions including Henry Community Health, Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust and Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Cancer Services

The Women’s Clinic also partners with Cancer Services of East Central Indiana (Little Red Door) as well as a grant from the Henry County Community Foundation to provide assistance to Henry County residents coping with a cancer diagnosis.